Lakers Lair: Episode 3 – Preseason Expectations


The Los Angeles Lakers content keeps coming. Only seven days away from the NBA picking up preseason action and only nine days until the Lakers hit the floor, the excitement and hype around the 2018-2019 season feel like no other. Also, after watching this you’ll see what Laker fans have to be excited about next season:

Hosts, Randy King and B.J boy discussed a multitude of Lakers topics including what to expect out of the Lakers once the preseason tips off.

“I wanna see them hit the ground running on defense by communicating. I also wanna see Mo Wagner get as many minutes as possible and get him familiar with the speed of the NBA because he is going to be a crucial part to the season as we go deep.”      – Randy King

“First is defense, the Lakers have a lot of plus-defenders or have the upside to become plus-defenders. Also, I wanna see the Lakers rebound the ball offensively and defensively. I want to see the young guys get used to playing off of LeBron and getting used to the shots that LeBron is going to get them. I want to see how comfortable the Lakers are playing small and how often they elect to play small, and when they do what kind of lineup will Walton send out. And lastly, who starts to assert themselves as the second scoring option/alpha male on the roster?” – B.J Boyer

Shaquille O’NealLater in this episode, several comments from former Laker great ‘The Big Diesel’ himself Shaquille O’Neal were discussed. Do these hosts believe that he could average 50 a game?

“50 points a game?! What?! That hasn’t been done since when Wilt Chamberlin probably and people where saying he was playing against math teachers, librarians, and janitors.” – B.J Boyer

That would be correct B.J, the last player to average 50 points per game was Wilt in 1961-1962 where he averaged 50.4 PPG and 25.7 rebounds a game as well. Safe to say I highly doubt that Shaq, even in his prime, would average that in today’s NBA.

Joining the list of outspoken big men DeMarcus Cousins sat down with our own Brandon Robinson to discuss what chance the Lakers have against the defending world champion Golden State Warriors:

One of the most interesting topics we had discussed came from the news that Kevin Durant is planning on moving down the state of California to wear the purple and gold next season. From that discussion came several profound points including whether or not it would create the most dominant duo we have ever seen assembled.

“With KD and LeBron, if you look at overall skill I don’t think there’s any duo that has accomplished as much seperetaly in their own individual careers.” – Randy King

Other Lakers news was discussed but hopefully, this leaves you wanting more and you enjoy another evening inside of the Lakers Lair. Enjoy!


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