VIDEO: Russell Westbrook’s triple double puts the Thunder over the Clippers


Russell Westbrook messed around and got another triple double last night with 25 points, 20 assists, and 11 rebounds. This dynamic performance helped the Oklahoma City Thunder get revenge on the Los Angeles Clippers with a 120-108 win. Their match-up last week, was nothing less than a choke by the Thunder squad but they bounced back by in a huge way in last night’s game and with that win, it put them ahead of the Clippers 2.5 games for the 3rd seed. 

Russell Westbrook’s performance looked effortless as he assisted the ball with ease. His athleticism led him to almost every rebound and we all know he can score with the best of them. The Thunder are undefeated when Westbrook has a triple double and that goes to show how much his impact means to this team. His right-hand man, Kevin Durant was amazed by his performance as well, and when comparing what Russell accomplished last night, video games came to his mind. 

“NBA 2K,” Durant said. “On rookie.”

Kevin Durant also poured in 30 points and 12 rebounds. It was a solid win for OKC especially with all the tragedy surrounding their team. 


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