VIDEO: Klay Thompson Sinks 10 Three Pointers vs. Pacers


Another day, another win for the Golden State Warriors. Klay Thompson had another stellar performance with 39 points that included 10 three pointers. It felt like Thompson was in shooting range once he stepped over half-court, but that’s just me. With these type of performances coming from players other than Steph Curry, one has to wonder when the heck is this winning streak going to end? Not like I want it to end, I love greatness. But it would be cool for them to get a challenge sooner or later.

Anyways, here is Thompson showing off some heat.

How can anyone stop this freak of nature? Just look how easy it is for him to set his feet before he shoots. His feet are usually already set before the ball touches his hand, something great shooters are know to do.

It’s funny, Remember when Klay went through that cold streak at the end of the Western Conference Finals that carried over into the Finals? Every shooter will go through that. It just happens.

This just goes to show how amazing Steph can be because these cold streaks I speak of rarely happen for Steph.

And if they do? He still finds a way to get the points up. I just don’t see the Warriors losing any time soon. Here’s a fun parting fact, according to, the Warriors, on the road, are 10-3 against the betting spread which is one of the best in the league.

So start betting on the Warriors before it’s too late.




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