Dirk Nowitzki, Dwyane Wade Shoot On Possibly Co-Headlining 2024 Hall Of Fame Class

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki careers have been intertwined ever since the Miami Heat, and the Dallas Mavericks first met in the 2006 NBA Finals. During that series, the Mavericks jumped out to an early 2-0 lead as the series shifted back to Miami for games three through five. The Heat would go on to win game three 98-96.

After game two, the Mavericks were unable to win another game in the series as the Heat would go on and win the next four games. Dwyane Wade would be eventually be named the Finals MVP, but it did not come without controversy that Mavericks fans to this day have not forgotten. During games five and six of the series, Dwyane Wade attempted close to 50 free throws by himself. Ultimately, in the eyes of the Mavericks and their fans that was part of the reason why the series went in the Heat’s favor. They would have to see the Heat celebrate on their home court as Wade rebounded the ball after a Jason Terry miss shot he would walk the ball on the right side of the court and toss it in the air.

The Mavericks would be able to get some payback as they celebrated their 2011 Championship on the Heat’s home floor in six games. Dirk Nowitzki was named Finals MVP after that series as they went on to spoil LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade’s plans to win seven championships in a row.  During the summer after the loss to the Heat Dwyane Wade went to LeBron James and told him the team needed him to tap into his full potential and lead them to victory.

“If we don’t lose that final, me and Bron still going and fighting it out to see who is the best. I took a step back and let him take over an organization that I would call mine before that. It changed my mindset after losing because that is why we did not come together and once that happened it opened my eyes,” said Wade.

Dwyane Wade was recently, in Dallas to take on the Dallas Mavericks for first of two final meetings. Before the season Wade announced that this season would be his “Last Dance.” The Heat would go on to beat the Mavericks 112-101, and after the game, Wade addressed the media. During the scrum, the question of what would it be like if both he and Dirk Nowitzki possibly co-headlined the 2024 Hall of Fame Class?

“It would be phenomenal. I played this game because it was my sanctuary because it was my way out. When I picked up a basketball I didn’t pick up and say I wanted to be a  Hall of Famer one day. So, to be in that position to one day walk away from this game, and to be able to say I could be a Hall of Famer in this game. To be able to enter the Hall of Fame hopefully one day with other great players that you played against and had battles against would be incredible,” Wade told me.

The same question was presented to Dirk Nowitzki by reporter Taimon Turner.

We have competed against each other our entire career and it has been an honor against one of the greats and it would be fun,” said Nowitzki.


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