Slamma Jamma Sunday: Kobe Bryant's greatest poster of all-time



Before Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard were Lakers teammates, and before their heated exchange in the season-opener, “The Black Mamba” welcomed a then-rookie Howard to the NBA by quite literally dunking on his face (see photo above).

Then, to rub even more salt in the wound, Kobe and the Lakers eventually knocked off Dwight’s Magic in the Finals a couple of years after this sadistic posterization. Watch the footage for yourself, and conjecture as to why there was not a stoppage of play and/or moment of silence held in memory of Dwight’s dignity:

Slamma Jamma Sunday: Kobe Bryant’s greatest poster of all-time 

Is this Kobe’s most posterizing dunk of all-time? Drop me a line @MarkAGavigan.


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