Society Pick 'Em – January 18th NBA Picks


Three games to be played on this quiet Sunday evening in the NBA. Will Anthony Davis return for the New Orleans Pelicans as they are on the road against the Toronto Raptors? His status is currently day-to-day. The Oklahoma City Thunder have to travel to Orlando to face a hot Magic team. To wrap up the evening, the Utah Jazz travel to San Antonio to face the 2014 NBA Championship Spurs, but many including myself question if the Spurs will make it to the top. Never count out the Spurs. Our writers picking tonights games are:

Alec Walt (@AlecWalt)

Alfonso DeFalco (@FonzyDeFalco)

BJ Boyer (@wcboyer24)

Martin Soaries (@Marley_mcfly)

Alex Fischbein (@ThatKidFisch)

DJ Allen (@DJAllen23)

Aram Cannuscio (@ACannus)

Charlie Mack (@CharlieMack29)

Ryan Cowan (@RCC1992)

Kyle Allan (@kallan442)

Stephen Freyman (@fryperson)

Let’s see what teams our writers believe will win tonight:

New Orleans Pelicans @ Toronto Raptors

raptors pelicans

Walt: Raptors

DeFalco: Raptors

Boyer: Raptors

Soaries: Pelicans

Fischbein: Raptors

Allen: Raptors

Cannuscio: Raptors

Mack: Raptors

Cowan: Raptors

Allan: Raptors

Stephen: Raptors

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Orlando Magic

NBA: Orlando Magic at Oklahoma City Thunder

Walt: Thunder

DeFalco: Thunder

Boyer: Thunder

Soaries: Thunder

Fischbein: Thunder

Allen: Thunder

Cannuscio: Magic

Mack: Magic

Cowan: Thunder

Allan: Thunder

Stephen: Thunder

Utah Jazz @ San Antonio Spurs

jazz spurs

Walt: Spurs

DeFalco: Spurs

Boyer: Spurs

Soaries: Spurs

Fischbein: Spurs

Allen: Spurs

Cannuscio: Jazz

Mack: Spurs

Cowan: Spurs

Allan: Spurs

Stephen: Spurs


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