Society Pick 'Em – January 13th NBA Game Picks


The society has decided to try something new. We all watch sports pre-game shows where all of the analysts come together and pick who is going to win each game. That is what we have decided to do. I received picks from a select group of writers to make their selections for January 13th’s NBA games.

Our writers are:

Alec Walt (@AlecWalt)

Alfonso DeFalco (@FonzyDeFalco)

Stephen Freyman (@fryperson)

BJ Boyer (@wcboyer24)

Ryan Kirk (@rlk716)

Martin Soaries (marley_mcfly)

Alex Fischbein (@ThatKidFisch)

DJ Allen (@DJAllen23)

Aram Cannuscio (@ACannus)

Charlie Mack (CharlieMack29)

Ryan Cowan (@Rcc1992)

Lets see who we each think is going to win.

wolves pacers

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Indiana Pacers

Walt: Pacers

DeFalco: Pacers

Freyman: Timberwolves

Boyer: Pacers

Kirk: Timberwolves

Soaries: Pacers

Fischbein: Pacers

Allen: Pacers

Cannuscio: Pacers

Mack: Timerwolves

Cowan: Pacers

Philadelphia 76ers v Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks @ Philadelphia 76ers

Walt: Hawks

DeFalco: Hawks

Freyman: Hawks

Boyer: Hawks

Kirk: Hawks

Soaries: Hawks

Fischbein: Hawks

Allen: Hawks

Cannuscio: Hawks

Mack: Hawks

Cowan: Hawks

spurs wizards

San Antonio Spurs @ Washington Wizards

Walt: Spurs

DeFalco: Wizards

Freyman: Spurs

Boyer: Wizards

Kirk: Spurs

Soaries: Wizards

Fischbein: Wizards

Allen: Wizards

Cannuscio: Wizards

Mack: Wizards

Cowan: Spurs


Cleveland Cavaliers @ Phoenix Suns

Walt: Suns

DeFalco: Suns

Freyman: Cavaliers

Boyer: Cavaliers

Kirk: Suns

Soaries: Suns

Fischbein: Cavaliers

Allen: Suns

Cannuscio: Suns

Mack: Cavaliers

Cowan: Suns

warriors jazz

Golden State Warriors @ Utah Jazz

Walt: Warriors

DeFalco: Warriors

Freyman: Warriors

Boyer: Warriors

Kirk: Warriors

Soaries: Warriors

Fischbein: Warriors

Allen: Warriors

Cannuscio: Warriors

Mack: Warriors

Cowan: Warriors


Dallas Mavericks @ Sacramento Kings

Walt: Mavericks

DeFalco: Kings

Freyman: Mavericks

Boyer: Mavericks

Kirk: Kings

Soaries: Mavericks

Fischbein: Mavericks

Allen: Mavericks

Cannuscio: Kings

Mack: Mavericks

Cowan: Mavericks

lakers heat

Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Lakers

Walt: Lakers

DeFalco: Lakers

Freyman: Heat

Boyer: Heat

Kirk: Lakers

Soaries: Heat

Fischbein: Heat

Allen: Lakers

Cannuscio: Lakers

Mack: Heat

Cowan: Heat

Each week I will tally the records of each of our writers. Let’s see who makes the best picks for the rest of the regular season into the post season.


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