Nate Robinson traded to the Celtics, will he stay?


The titans of NBA twitter are at it again, reporting the latest news about the Celtics transactions.

Well that was fast. Nate Robinson will be traded to the Celts for Jameer Nelson, bought out and hit the open market. The previously discussed Clippers could use some bench help and Doc has a relationship with Nate from his Celtic days making them a top candidate for his signature.

Contract-wise Jameer makes $2.7 this year and has a player option next year for $2.8 mil he’ll end up accepting. Nate has one year left on his two year contract he signed with the Nuggets at $2.1 mil which makes him an extremely viable buyout candidate, especially with the Celtics keen on shipping all talent out of Boston.

Tayshaun Prince looks to be almost out the door as well. Prince arrived in Boston in the Jeff Green trade that sent Green to the Memphis Grizzlies. With no desire to win games, the Celts will most likely buy him out and he’ll become a coveted free agent that a contender can sign at the veteran minimum.


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