Teacher's Corner: Pistol Pete's Homework Basketball Revisited

Pete Maravich

Pistol Pete Maravich is a player who often gets lost in the annals of basketball history. Easily the greatest player College Basketball has ever seen, The Pistol was supposed to completely transcend the pro game from a guard standpoint. Although he had a very successful NBA career from an individual standpoint, despite his NBA 2k MyCareer numbers, his teams were not very good.The Pistol would average 24.2 PPG over the course of his 3 Team, 10 Year NBA career. Not too much of a drop from the absurd 44.2 PPG average he had in college at LSU. All of this without the 3 Point Line, and lord knows Pistol had range. From the Atlanta Hawks to the New Orleans/Utah Jazz, Maravich was the lone bright spot on otherwise lackluster teams. Constantly struggling to live up to the hype that his college exploits had set, Pistol Pete Maravich just could never get over the hump. In 1980 he played arguably the most meaningful basketball of his career for the Boston Celtics. Unfortunately, they would come up short in their championship quest, losing to the 76ers in the Eastern Conference Finals, with Pistol never gracing an NBA hardwood again. The Celtics would go on to defeat the Houston Rockets in the 1981 NBA Finals with Pistol a distant, retired memory. Maravich’s entirely life up to that point had been consumed by basketball; he would struggle severely with personal issues, that is until he found his calling.

Pistol Pete Maravich’s last chapter played out like a movie script. He died on January 5th, 1988… Where?? On the hardwood. Maravich would succumb to a heart attack during a routine pick up game. Ball was literally and figuratively Life for The Pistol. It’s been 27 years since we lost one of the most dazzling performers the game has ever seen. However, as seemingly a gift from the heavens, Pete Maravich gifted the world with a gem before he left us for good. Homework Basketball is arguably the best Basketball Training Video Series put together by a former NBA player. Here lies Pete Maravich, 6’4 and gangly. The mustache gives him that weird science teacher look, yet he’s doing things with a basketball that CP3 couldn’t in his wildest imagination. Pure Magic! From shooting to dribbling and everything in between, Pistol broke the game down in ways only he could. Through these videos, Pistol’s basketball brilliance will live forever. There’s no telling how many kids have been and will be inspired by this series. If you can get through the cheesy 80’s music bits, you’ll come out a basketball player both physically and mentally. Thank you Pistol… The Full DVD set can be found on Amazon.com. Definitely worth the asking price. Above are a few clips we were able to find. ENJOY


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