Rabble.TV Preview: New York Knicks @ Boston Celtics


Broadcast: Rabble.TV

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Time: 7:30 p.m.

New York Knicks (3-4)

Starting Lineup

PG: Derrick Rose

SG: Courtney Lee

SF: Carmelo Anthony

PF: Kristaps Porzingis

C: Joakim Noah

Boston Celtics (3-4)

Starting Lineup

PG: Isaiah Thomas

SG: Avery Bradley

SF: Jaylen Brown

PF: Amir Johnson

C: Tyler Zeller

Key Matchup

Derrick Rose vs Isaiah Thomas

If Jae Crowder or Al Horford were playing, we’d see a different key matchup this evening. Since those two are out, it’s come down to Derrick Rose and Isaiah Thomas. Thomas is averaging 25.7 points and 7.1 assists per game this season. He hasn’t scored less than 23 in any game this season. Rose is posting 16 points and 4.7 assists, so it’s clear Thomas has the advantage tonight. Expect Rose to see a lot of Avery Bradley defending him tonight. 

New York Knicks Storyline


The New York Knicks biggest issue coming into the season was it’s depth. Seven games into the season, depth is still the issue. Brandon Jennings leads the Knicks bench players with 7.3 points per game and the entire team with 4.9 assists per game. Outside of Jennings, no other bench player is averaging over one assist and six points per game. Phil Jackson put together a great starting lineup, but terrible bench. Someone other than Jennings needs to step up if the Knicks want to make the playoffs. 

Boston Celtics Storyline


The Boston Celtics identity coming into the season was it’s defense. With Al Horford and Jae Crowder injured, the Celtics have lost their identity. With Crowder progressing and Horford not, someone needs to step up for the Celtics. Their defense has given up 112.7 opponent points per game through seven games this season, 28th in the NBA. They are also 25th in opponents rebounding and 30th in team rebounding. Danny Ainge needs to address this issue before it gets out of hand. 


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