I can finally say I am ‘Trusting the Process’

Joel Embiid

Thank you Joel Embiid. This is the type of player I have been waiting for in Philadelphia ever since the day the 76ers traded Allen Iverson on that gloomy night of December 19, 2006.

When the Sixers organization brought in Sam Hinkie to take over the General Manager position, I was a little skeptical of what this guy’s overall plan was. I was not ready to tank. I was okay with rooting for a team who had just come off  great 1st round playoff series loss to the Boston Celtics and I thought the Sixers had their core of young players moving forward.

Then, the Sixers traded Jrue Holiday to the Pelicans for their 1st round pick, which eventually turned into them drafting Nerlens Noel.

Eventually, the next draft, the Sixers found their “Process” in Joel Embiid.

When the Sixers drafted Joel Embiid I was very indifferent at the time. I was very excited going into the draft because I was hoping the Sixers would be drafting Andrew Wiggins at #3 overall.

What would have happened if the Sixers drafted Wiggins instead of Embiid? There is no true answer to that but things would be a lot different. I am not saying the Sixers would be in a better place, but they are probably not one of the worst teams in the league anymore just because they would have gotten two more seasons of play from Wiggins over Embiid.

Since the Sixers drafted Embiid, I was waiting in anticipation for him to step on the floor. Finally, after two years I am able to see him flourish, and see the “process” unfold.

The Sixers were able to get their first win at the hands of Joel Embiid 109-105 in OT over the Indiana Pacers. He is showing us why he was worth the wait. His per 36 minutes numbers are some of the best we have seen among rookies in recent memory. Per 36 minutes he is averaging 30.6 points, 11.1 rebounds, and 3.4 blocks per game.

It is scary to think that Embiid is just getting started. Once his minutes go up, be on the lookout for some special numbers. He is a special player that is just starting to bloom because he is still working with no great guard play. Once he does, it will open a whole other set of doors for his game.

I can now finally say I am “trusting the process”.



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