76ers Future Plans with Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid


Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid are two of the top prospects that the Philadelphia 76ers currently have. Most 76ers fans have been wondering how these two will coexist being that they both have played center for their entire career. Brett Brown recently indicated what he intends to do with Noel and Embiid offensively and defensively. Per RealGM

Brett Brown believes Noel will play power forward on defense, while Embiid will be more of a power forward on offense.

“(Noel’s) role changes quite a bit (when he moves to 4) with pick-and-roll defense,” said Brown.

The main reason for Coach Brown to have Noel play center on offense and then power-forward on defense is his inability to hit a jump shot offensively. Joel Embiid has still yet to play an NBA game, but in college and at practice he has shown that he has a very capable jump shot. Joel Embiid at center and Noel at power-forward defensively will be an extremely feared front-court for the future in Philadelphia. 

The smart thing for Philadelphia the rest of this season would be to see how Noel fares playing center offensively and power-forward defensively. Noel has mostly played center this year for Philadelphia and has struggled to body up some of the bigger centers he has had to go against. Nerlens Noel has very quick hands and has succeeded in switching on pick and rolls defensively. Brett Brown said it himself in that quote that Noel will need to focus a great amount of his efforts this off-season on improving his defense on pick and rolls once Embiid returns. 

The Philadelphia 76ers are currently in a state of struggle. Rebuilding is what they are trying to do and establishing Joel Embiid and Nerlens Noel as dominant forces in the front-court is the first step to having the 76ers become relevant once again. 


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