The “Trust in the Process” paid off as Embiid scores 20 in season opener


After 199 losses in 3 seasons, Sixers faithful was finally rewarded with the center piece of their process with the NBA season debut of Joel Embiid.

Sam Hinkie lovers and haters endured what might be one of the biggest rebuilding process in all four major sports during the first two seasons. Then, after the Sixers organization had seen enough, and very little team progress, the organization thought it was time for a change.

The “process” that was started by Hinkie and finished off by the Colangelo brothers got its first true reward in the “process” last night when Embiid scored 20 points to go along with 7 rebounds and two blocks in only 22 minutes a play.

This was a small step in the long process that Sixers fans are hoping to pay off down the road. Joel Embiid showed signs of confidence out there. The same confidence that Sixers fans saw two years ago when he came out of Kansas.

His 7’2 frame is something unprecedented on the court. He was able to go up against one of the better defensive big men in the league in Steven Adams, and also did not let him get to his head.

One of the better plays from Embiid came in the final minute of the game.

With less than a minute left and Philadelphia down by two, coach Brett Brown called Embiid’s number. He faced up Adams again in the mid-post, hit him with two jab steps and made a jumper as if there was nobody in front of him.

Coach Brown was quoted in saying, “The mystery is solved,” Brown said “What do you do? You get him the ball as much as you can.”

With Ben Simmons out indefinitely it is a great sign to see that Embiid is off to a great start. It is just the beginning of whats to come.

For Sixers fans, they can finally exhale knowing Embiid is going to be okay.

Missed the game? Here are the highlights:



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