RJ Hunter is what the Chicago Bulls need


The Chicago Bulls is a team that’s very hard to predict this season. They acquired Rajon Rondo and Chicago native, Dwyane Wade this offseason which has people excited about this team. However, there’s no question that the lack of outside of shooting is troublesome. The narrative in the NBA today is that you must have outside threats to be successful and if you look at the Bulls roster, they don’t have many.

The second year guard, R.J. Hunter who played for the Boston Celtics last season, didn’t make the squad this year. With so many offseason acquisitions, the Celtics didn’t find room for him which left him available for free agency. Hunter fell right into the lap of the Chicago Bulls as they didn’t waste any time signing him to a one year deal (via From ESPN’s Jeff Goodman):

R.J. Hunter’s agreement with Chicago will be a one-year deal, source told ESPN.

— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanESPN) October 26, 2016

This signing makes sense in every which way possible. The Chicago Bulls are in dire need of outside shooters in their backcourt and R.J Hunter is just that. Although the numbers don’t really speak for it, Hunter was known as a prolific shooter coming out of Georgia State. He shot .354% from behind the arc during his 3-year collegiate career but faced a huge drop off last season as he only shot .302 from deep.

However, his numbers with Boston don’t tell the true story. R.J. only averaged 8.8 minutes last season producing 2.7 points per game on only 36 games played. The league quite hasn’t seen what he’s fully capable of yet and lucky for him, the Chicago Bulls are giving him another chance. It’s a win-win for both parties because Hunter get’s another year to prove himself on a team where he fills a void. And on the other hand, the Bulls only signed him on a one-year deal so there’s really no loss on their end. However, Hunter will have to fight for minutes because the Bulls have Wade and an injured first round pick in Denzel Valentine who holds the shooting guard position. R.J. Hunter will definitely have to prove himself to get on the floor but if he plays to his full potential, he can find himself in a well-needed role position.


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