The Hate for LiAngelo, LaMelo, and Lonzo Ball needs to stop

Lonzo Ball

The Ball brothers are the best show in America. 

In case you don’t know them, they are three brothers who have become sensations in the basketball community. Lonzo Ball, the eldest is at UCLA and is projected to be a top 5 draft pick. LiAngelo and LaMelo are in high school and have also committed to UCLA.

Their rise to fame started when all three were still in high school. Chino Hills, their high school went on an impressive run going undefeated for quite a while. Their uptempo style caught the attention of the internet and suddenly became sensations. Lonzo Ball was the star of the show, averaging a triple-double for the season and winning big games against schools like Montverde Academy. He is currently at UCLA leading the Bruins to dominance, becoming a top-ranked team in the nation. He is set to be a top 5 pick in the NBA Draft, maybe even the top pick.

Credits: Monica Almeida/The New York Times
The Ball brothers have become a basketball sensation. (Photo via: Monica Almeida/The New York Times)

It seems as if Lonzo Ball is the one with the best chance to be a superstar. Not according to his father, though.

His other two boys, LaMelo and LiAngelo, seem to have the same goal in mind, to be great. LiAngelo is the middle child of the family, a pure scorer as defined by many. His role in Chino Hills has stayed the same — get buckets. The youngest, as you have guessed, is LaMelo Ball. He’s probably the most famous now because of his highlight plays including his 92-point game and his half court shot during the middle of the game. He is seen as a great shooter with the capability to score from inside as well. 

It seems as if the Ball brothers are nearly perfect when it comes to basketball. Recently, however, it has been the opposite. 

Ever since the Ball brothers have been getting more attention from the basketball community, the scrutiny has raised more and more to a point where it has become almost petty. 

LiAngelo has gotten the most “hate” out of the three. His football-like frame has people questioning if he can succeed at the next level like he has against high school competition. He’s also the lowest ranked recruit out of the three brothers, only being rated three stars on ESPN. In addition to a low recruit ranking, the pure scorer was also left out of the McDonald’s All-American game. 

Credits: SLAMonline
LiAngelo is the best scorer out of the three brothers, but few think that it can translate to the next level of basketball. (Photo via: SLAMonline)

The youngest ball, LaMelo, has also gained criticism from watchers. Many have questioned his shot selection and his defense in light of his 92-point game in high school. People were enraged with his game rather than in awe. Many people were also unimpressed with LaMelo ball pulling up from half court and draining a three during the middle of the game. Those people argued that he doesn’t play the game the right way.

Photo via: Sports Illustrated/Ball Is Life
One of Melo’s highlights this season? Pulling up from half court and casually draining the bucket. (Photo via: Sports Illustrated/Ball Is Life)

Even potential top 5 draft pick, Lonzo Ball received criticism.

After his father LaVar Ball publicly said that his son is better than Stephen Curry, the spotlight has ever shined so bright on Lonzo Ball. The dynamic PG was suddenly getting criticism after receiving nothing but praise prior to his father’s comments. Many love Lonzo’s game but now it seems like they backed off on that.

Credits: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times
Lonzo has often been criticized for his unique shooting form. Photo via: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

The hate for these three brothers makes no sense at all. 

The fact that people are questioning their abilities as basketball players at this point in their basketball career is laughable, to say the least. Why are people so focused on what these guys do wrong rather than do right? People seem to overlook the fact that LiAngelo is a very talented scorer and instead focus on how he has a football player frame. They also overlook the fact that LaMelo is a phenomenal outside shooter with handle and instead focus on his inconsistent defense and shot selection. People want to focus on how Lonzo isn’t Stephen Curry instead of how well he does everything on the court. Let Lonzo Ball do his thing!

It’s the simple things like that that make the hate for the Ball brothers seem so petty.

LiAngelo Ball may not be as “athletic” as other prospects in his class, but who’s to say that he can’t do anything on that court because of that? LaMelo may take questionable shots and have an inconsistent defense, but who’s to say that he can’t improve on that? He’s a sophomore in HIGH SCHOOL! Lonzo may have more expectations because of his father’s comments, but that shouldn’t hide the fact that he is a great player in his own right, and who knows, maybe he can be as great as Stephen Curry. 

Has everyone suddenly forgotten that these guys are still kids? They’re not finished products. They have time to better themselves on the court. That’s the thing everyone seems to forget. 

Like the best of the best, they have their flaws. However, that shouldn’t hide the fact that they’re exceptional at other categories. 

Ease up on the brothers a little bit and enjoy the game.

*Featured Photo Image Credits go to: Cal Sport Media via AP Images*


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