Process Disciples: Sixers Trade Deadline Wrap-up


The trade deadline has come and gone and the Sixers have returned with half of a new team! The Sixers parted ways with Landry Shamet, Markelle Fultz, and Mike Muscala and brought in Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic, Mike Scott, James Ennis, and Jonathon Simmons. There’s not a lot of time left in the season to build chemistry, but the team has already looked pretty good in the games they’ve played together. Except Boston, because duh.

Joining us for this week’s Process Disciples:

1. Rank the Sixers’ trade deadline moves on a scale of 1-10 and explain why:

Anderson: 7. The Sixers made some pretty good deadline moves this past week. The addition of Tobias Harris definitely helps the starting lineup with a high percentage scoring forward. Boban Marjonovic and Jonathon Simmons came in to help the bench depth that the Sixers needed. I think they could have gotten a better deal with Fultz for Simmons, but I understand why they couldn’t get a lot since he was absent from the court.

Mangigian: 8. Elton Brand saw a window and took it. The addition of Harris provides a perfect scheme fit at power forward, and changes the team dynamically. Boban, Scott, Ennis, and Simmons provide Philly with some much needed depth.

Rose: 8. I had no idea Tobias Harris was even made available to trade, let alone did I think the Sixers were going to be the ones to end up with him. I love his game and think he’s one of the most underrated players in the league who keeps unfairly bouncing from team to team and I’m hopeful that he’ll be around for a long time. Two gripes I did have: I would have much rather had just Terrence Ross than Jonathon Simmons and the OKC first if that was actually possible, and I also hoped they would be much more active in the buyout market for guys like Lin or Morris.

2. Did the Sixers give up on Markelle Fultz too soon?

Anderson: No, I wouldn’t say so. The Sixers are prone to wait on their first-round draft picks from injury for multiple years. Ben Simmons missed his entire rookie season and Joel Embiid missed most of it due to injury. Fultz showed he can play when he WAS on the court for the Sixers in only 14 games his rookie season. Considering that, he’s missed most of this season as well. Time was ticking and time ran out for Fultz.

Mangigian: If it were my decision, I would have waited to see what Fultz looked like after being treated for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. The 76ers would have had a clear look at Fultz’s immediate future by June, allowing them to make a better educated decision in the off-season. The Fultz deal was supposedly because the 76ers are trying to win now, however, they traded the former top pick for draft assets and a bench player.

Rose: Nah, I think just about everyone was over it. The situation dragged on for so long that it probably was the best for both sides to move on. I hope he becomes the player we once saw at Washington but it’s certainly not the safest bet. Like I said before, I think the return may have been a little off and acquiring someone like Terrence Ross would have made it a much easier pill to swallow, but I’m just glad it’s over for everyone involved. Including me.

3. Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler: Max neither, one, or both?

Anderson: If anything, Jimmy Butler should be the only one. Who knows if Jimmy will want to continue his career with the Sixers after this season, but with the rumors of his attraction to play in L.A. is interesting. With a player as good as Butler, they should offer him the max. Harris must prove more of himself the rest of the year and produce for the team.

Mangigian: If I had to guess who gets max money and who doesn’t, I would say that Harris gets the money and Butler walks. Tobias is much younger than Butler, and seems like he wants to be here long term. While I believe the 76ers will offer Butler the max, I don’t see him staying unless Philadelphia gets past the second round in the postseason. Luckily for the 76ers, if Butler decides to leave, they will have enough cap room to fill out the bench or even get another max player.

Rose: I’m with Max on this one, I would feel most comfortable maxing Harris and letting Jimmy go, however I’m much more open to giving Jimmy the max with Harris on the team… if that makes sense? Acquiring Tobias has made the team a true contender and I think Jimmy has good basketball in him for at least another two or three years. Keeping this core four might be enough to round up some ring chasers for a few great years and hopefully come out with a ring in the process.

4. Which other team in the East improved the most at the deadline?

Anderson: The New York Knicks. They may have just lost their franchise guy, but they are preparing themselves well for the future. Acquiring Dennis Smith Jr. and DeAndre Jordan, helps the Knicks a lot. They needed a stronger point guard who can really help run the offense along with their center position down low. Smith Jr. and Jordan improved their team for the future despite their record.

Mangigian: The Toronto Raptors. The addition of Gasol is looking like the best trade of the deadline, other than the 76ers adding Harris. Even though it’s only been a few games with Gasol in Toronto, the team is understandably excited about how well it’s going. The ball-moving big man adds another piece to a deep roster.

Rose: Toronto already had no problem beating us, but adding a great big man like Gasol who has a history of causing trouble for Embiid makes a scary team even scarier. Kyle Lowry has started to step it up after his injuries have caused some underwhelming performances all year, Kawhi is Kawhi, Siakam just casually dropped 44… that team is good.

5. What do you make of the Ben Simmons-Magic Johnson stuff?

Anderson: I’m not really intrigued by it. Simmons is definitely a “big-guard” and Magic Johnson was clearly one of, if not, the best point guard to play the game. There’s nothing wrong with learning from one of the greats. At first, I thought Simmons went to L.A. when I saw the words “Simmons” and “Magic” in the same sentence about this stuff but it is not true.

Mangigian: I couldn’t care less. If Ben Simmons is going to end up in Los Angeles, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. A workout is not going to change whether or not Simmons’ heart pulls him to LA. One could argue LeBron James and Simmons sharing an agent is more concerning. All Philadelphia can do is surround Simmons with enough talent that there’s no choice to make.

Rose: It’s certainly weird but I agree with the sentiment that if Ben wants to go to LA, a couple of workouts with Magic aren’t going to make the difference. With that being said, I’m glad it’s not happening. Magic might be the tampering king of the NBA and he’s in charge of the premier organization in the league. Maybe if he was running the Grizzlies or Magic or something, but LA is a whole different ballgame.


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