New York Knicks Roundtable: Kristaps Porzingis vs. Phil Jackson

Knicks - Porzingis and Jackson

Things are getting ugly in the land of the New York Knicks. Kristaps Porzingis is unhappy, Phil Jackson is considering trading him and the fans are in utter dismay. The rest of us are sitting on the sidelines just waiting to see how this thing will pan out with a bag of popcorn. A couple of our writers are here to discuss the mess in New York.

Our writers:

Felix John-Baptiste (@TwoSmooth2)

DJ Allen (@djallen23)

Sean Linhares (@Linhares_Sean)

New York Knicks fans

1.) On a scale of one to horrific, how tough is it being a Knicks fan at the moment?

John-Baptiste: At the moment? It’s been tough being a Knicks fan for the past 15+ years! But in all seriousness, right now I’d have to pick a level above horrific. Whatever that may be. The Knicks finally have a shimmer of light, a glimpse of hope, and PJ wants to trade it away. You literally cannot write this stuff up. He allegedly wants to begin a youth movement and rebuild, which questions why he’s entertaining a trade to get rid of his best youthful asset. Is he trying to get more youthful and inexperienced? You tell me. Shameful.

Allen: I’m not a New York Knicks fan but from the outside looking in, it looks like a very tough position to be in. Growing up the Knicks was one of the most beloved organizations of our time and it’s crazy to see them as the laughing stock of the league. When you think things can’t get worst, it still does. As a Los Angeles Lakers fan, we haven’t had the greatest of seasons as of late. However, it doesn’t even compare to what we’re seeing with the Knicks right now.

Sean: At this point, the Knicks are so bad – and have been for so long – that it’s borderline incredible to watch. How many teams have an owner publicly harass a beloved legend on national television? How many have a president that has had a race-fueled public beef with the league’s most recognizable star? Oh, and how many have a star player that has been publicly roasted and labeled selfish and no good by that same president? That’s not to mention a variety of enjoyable headlines to wake up to for everyone not in New York (the Joakim Noah contract, Derrick Rose trade, head coach being really into Twitter porn, that head coach being Kurt Rambis and most recently almost trading the future of the franchise Kristaps Porzingis, to name a few).

Only the Knicks, baby! It’s genuinely heartbreaking to see a team I love so much fail so many times in such spectacular ways. Simply put, it is downright embarrassing to be a Knicks fan right now! They’re the Golden State Warriors of middle school drama.

2.) Is there anything that Phil Jackson or James Dolan can do to fix this debacle with Kristaps Porzingis?

John-Baptiste: Leave! It’s been said multiple times on wax that KP wants to remain in NY. He seems ready for the limelight and he loves the atmosphere. PJ and/or Dolan have not handled the situation to the best of their abilities and one could assume that KP has a bad taste in his mouth. He’s a huge Melo fan. Once those cards play out I don’t see what’s fixable from KP’s perspective. He probably just wants Phil to move on so he can start fresh under new leadership.

Allen: I agree with Felix. Phil Jackson has to go, no question! The damage he’s done with Carmelo Anthony and now Kristaps Porzingis, there’s no reason for him to continue his stint with this organization. I honestly believe it’s only going to get worst and the tension will rise. Jackson doesn’t see any wrong in what he’s doing so he’s I don’t see him stopping one bit.

Linhares: Has there ever been an executive more widely loathed than Phil Jackson? At this point, it is literally him against the world, and he’s losing the battle. The only thing to do is leave, or he risks doing serious further damage to his already-deteriorating legacy. Already, people are forgetting his 11 rings and recognizing him as the probably-racist old guy absolutely ripping the entire Knicks organization to shreds. Two more years of this and God knows what will be added to that list.

And if he doesn’t want to go? Dolan needs to step in and swallow that horrifying $60 million contract to get him out. I can deal with being a fan of a bad team, but an embarrassing one?

Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony
Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

3.) Is it smart for the Knicks to push a trade for KP or just let things play out?

John-Baptiste: I would let things play out. Kristaps is a generational young stud who can change the outlook of a franchise. He’s not someone you trade away all willy nilly and expect to get back equal value in return. The only way you trade him is if you’re getting a sure fire star in return, and from what I’ve seen so far, those potential players are far from it.

Allen: I’m moving Kristaps Porzingis. He’s already expressed his disdain for the way things are going so the probability of him staying after his contract is up is very slim. The potential that he has shown in these past two seasons is through the roof and he has proven that he can be something to build around. The value is there despite the injury-prone card that Phil Jackson and the Knicks are trying to play. Kristaps has played in 138 games in these past two seasons which is 84%. While he’s had his minor issues, I don’t think injuries are an issue. At this point, the Knicks have to get what they can for him before its too late. It’s either Jackson goes or Porzingis.

Linhares: It’s a joke that anyone would consider trading Kristaps Porzingis at this point in his career, sorry DJ. I simply don’t believe there is a trade that you can make that would genuinely get me excited. Yes, obviously a Staps for LeBron trade would do the trick, but that simply isn’t realistic. Do we really want Josh Jackson over Kristaps? Why? KP fits the city perfectly, has proven he’s going to be great and most importantly wants to be a Knick. That’s a rare quality and one that I value as a Knicks fan, especially when that guy is absolutely absurd at hooping.

4.) In the event that a trade was to go down, what are you looking to get back for KP?

John-Baptiste: I’m not trading KP for just a top 5 pick. I don’t think those players are of KP’s caliber. However, if a team is willing to trade the pick and a young star, I’d be willing to listen. Again, a young star! Not just a “good” or “nice” player.

Allen: There have been reports that the Knicks price for Porzingis is high and to be honest, I don’t blame them. For the stellar talent that he is, I would want a lot for him too. However, due to the way things have panned out, they don’t hold leverage in this situation. It’s well known that Porzingis isn’t happy there and he may eventually leave so it makes the Knicks more desperate to find a trade for him. No team is going to give them everything they want so the Knicks have to at least get something before his tenure is over. I believe a couple of starters and a first round pick would do them justice.

Linhares: Top 5 player in the league of someone that projects to be, like a Giannis or Embiid. KP needs to be a Knick, end of the story.

James Dolan

5.) Phil Jackson has made a mockery out of this organization, should Dolan consider parting ways sooner than later?

John-Baptiste: Yes. And that’s all I have to say.

Allen: I don’t think that’s a question. Phil Jackson has become the ultimate Twitter troll/meme this week. He’s truly in a sunken place. James Dolan needs to step up before its too late. He can save this ship and the first way of doing that is getting rid of Phil Jackson.

Linhares: No he shouldn’t consider it. He should call Phil into his office and fire him by the time I’m done typing this.


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