Fisch’s Friday Rant: How to Trade Your Unicorn

Fisch's Friday Rant

After taking one week off, I am back at it again on Fisch’s Friday Rant! The NBA Draft took place, rumors took place, a process was trusted, Jimmy Butler was traded, and the first of three Ball brothers was drafted.

Out of all of those topics, the one that was the easiest topic to rant about was Phil Jackson dangling Kristaps Porzingis out there as trade bait. Phil wants to trade his unicorn for reasons unknown to Knicks fans and basketball fans in general. This whole soap opera started when Phil kept talking about trading Carmelo Anthony throughout the season. All of a sudden, the script was flipped when Porzingis spoke out and said he was upset with the way the team was being run. Come on Phil, let’s think on this one together.

The LaVar and Lonzo Ball show also took center stage at the NBA Draft. They had their rightful moment when Lonzo was finally drafted by the Lakers. Meanwhile, at home, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons decided to tweet and spark up an old rivalry one more time. Hear all of my thoughts below!


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