Josh Jackson Scouting Report

josh jackson
Jay Biggerstaff

Date of Birth: February 10th, 1997

Position: Small Forward/Shooting Guard

College: University of Kansas

Measurements: 6’8, 203 lbs



Josh Jackson is first and foremost a slasher. He’s the most talented slasher in this draft and has the most potential out of any of the non-point guards in this draft (maybe outside of Jonathan Isaac). Jackson can get to the lane however he wants and is a very good finisher in the lane.

One of Jackson’s biggest strengths is his vision when he doesn’t have the ball. Having instincts on the basketball court is something that can’t be taught. If you see the play below, you’ll see Jackson slowly come in towards the rim and is patient enough to jump at the perfect time to finish the put-back dunk.

Most players who don’t have the same instincts would jump after the shot hits the front rim, but Jackson is one who does which is why he was patient. This skill is what led him to 28 put-backs this year, most by a Kansas player.

Josh Jackson had a 69 FG% at the rim which is a very solid mark for a slasher. Josh Jackson is a player who will be able to fit into any system that he is drafted into. He’s going to be a very solid defender and can play off-ball offensively. He’ll be a great addition to any team.


His jump shot is what we are worried about. If you take a look at his stroke, you can see a little hitch in it that has certain teams worried:

Jackson’s shot is not terrible by any means, but it isn’t one of the prettier shots you’ll see. NBA teams will get Jackson into the gym immediately to fix his shot. While he did shoot around 38% from deep and 50% from the floor, his free throw shooting was at an atrocious mark of 56.6%.

If Jackson does not fix his shot, then he is going to have to become a VERY good defender and an Andre Iguodala type if he is going to succeed in the NBA.


As is it is well documented, Josh Jackson was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for damaging the car of a Kansas women’s basketball player’s car. He has to abstain from alcohol and drug use as part of his plea deal. The greatest risk in drafting Josh Jackson is if he were to backslide and do something that isn’t smart once again.

Interesting Stat:

Josh Jackson is the 1st player since Kenneth Faried to record 550 PTS, 55 STL, and 35 BLK while shooting above 51% from the field in a single season.


Jimmy Butler

Josh Jackson is one of the best scorers in this draft. Just like Jimmy Butler, Jackson doesn’t have the best shooting ability, but can attack the basket with the best of them. JB is a terrific defender and Jackson has the capability to be dominant defensively as well. Jackson is long and quick. We’ll see if he puts the same hard work in that Jimmy Butler put in. If he does, then maybe one day he could get to the same level as Jimmy Butler.

Draft Prediction:

Top 4


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