Mark Cuban on Dwyane Wade’s Last Dance: “He’s A Legend, Glad He’s Finishing With The Heat”

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade announced before this season that he this year would be his last dance. Setting up a farewell tour in 29 other cities throughout the NBA. The tour recently made a stop in Dallas, where Wade won his first of three championships in 2006. The Mavericks would win their first championship five years later.

Before the game, Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban stated the rivalry with the Heat was good for the NBA as a whole. He also weighed on Dwyane Wade’s last dance, “He is a legend and I’m glad he is finishing up his career with the Miami Heat.

The Heat and Wade would go on to take the first of the two-game series 112- 101. Wade lead the Heat in scoring with 22 points, adding two rebounds, and an assist in 22 minutes against the Mavericks.

After the game Wade and Dirk Nowitzki swapped jerseys, ” It was the best jersey swap of the season, said Wade.

Dirk and Wade participated in the All-Star Game in Charlotte on Sunday playing for Team LeBron and Team Giannis.


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