LeBron James to release hip-hop album with rapper 2 Chainz

LeBron James and 2 Chainz
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America

For the culture! We usually hear that phrase when athletics, fashion, and hip-hop come to a head. Here we are yet again. LeBron James has announced via his Instagram that he will be releasing a joint album with rapper 2 Chainz.

Often times we see athletes slandered for being too concerned with their brand as they enter the realm of professional sports. The modern day athlete should absolutely ensure they are able to perform at the highest level. However, with so many opportunities to maximize their potential, we cannot belabor them for pursuing every avenue available. They can now simply follow the lead of one LeBron James.

Over recent years it has seemed that not only is James on a quest to solidify his basketball greatness. With his business various business ventures, he is also on a quest to become the first billionaire athlete. Let’s not forget, there have been other NBA legends to jump into the music game as well:

If Kobe Bryant isn’t good enough for you, try listening to some “bars” from legendary ankle-breaker Allen Iverson:

From producing the on-court greatness to wanting to own an NBA franchise when he hangs up the sneakers, the basketball aspect of it all is playing itself out. Now, with his movie and documentary initiatives, and new music endeavors, what else will we see off the court?

And yes LeBron, we recognize the 3/1 release date. Really clever!


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