Schmidt Talking Ep. 50: Chuckie Maggio Talks Win 203


Mark Schmidt came into the St. Bonaventure program knowing one thing…it was going be no easy task to bring the Bonnies basketball program back again. With a scandal that terrorized the program in 2003, the team hadn’t seen a winning season for over five seasons. Well, 11 years and 203 wins later, Mark Schmidt can say he has brought this program back…and then some.

Two NCAA appearances, one NIT appearance, an Atlantic 10 Championship, and putting multiple players into the NBA and overseas professionally, Mark Schmidt took care of the program and Olean as a whole. Our guest on our 50th episode, Chuckie Maggio, Sports Writer of Picking Splinters, spoke about the prominence that Schmidt brought back into this program and made for a teary-eyed evening this past Sunday.

Later into the episode, the guys and Chuckie discuss Kyle Lofton and Osun Osunneyi’s impressive freshmen campaigns, as well as the matchup vs. the Lasalle Explorers.


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