Lakers reportedly tried to trade Nick Young for two seasons

Nick Young

There certainly hasn’t been a lack of drama recently in Los Angeles. Everyone has heard about the whole situation between D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young. Yes, it’s all very messed up, but it seems like every other team understood to not bring Young into their locker room.

The LA Times has reported that the Lakers have been trying to trade Nick Young for two seasons now, and no teams have wanted to make a deal:

Young has two more years for $11.1 million left on his contract, including a player option in the second year for $5.7 million. Russell is still on his rookie contract and has one more guaranteed year at $5.3 million, followed by two one-year team options for $5.6 million and $7 million.

The Lakers tried to trade Young, 30, each of the last two seasons as his production dropped. There were no takers. They will likely try to find a home for him again this offseason, which won’t be easy with a player who didn’t even get off the bench in eight games last month.

Countless Lakers fans have been wishing that Nick Young could finally be traded far away from the Lakers. He hasn’t been much of a positive impact for the team, and he seems like just a placeholder right now while the team rebuilds. The Lakers front office will have to either trade him for virtually nothing, or just wait until his contract runs out. Even though the cap will increase, keeping Young’s $11 million on the books is not ideal.

Issues are still mounting for the Lakers though. All of this drama surrounding him and Russell isn’t helping either of their values. Russell at least has the positives in the potential department and he’s only a rookie. Young is now 30 and he’s not usually in the conversation for best teammate in the league. Maybe Las Vegas will post an over/under for the time it takes the Lakers to get rid of Young.


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