VIDEO: Celtics Hand Warriors First Home Loss of Season


Steph Curry had a chance to tie it up at the end for the Warriors but their fate fell short as they lost their first home game of the season 109-106. 22 turnovers or 21.4 of their possessions ending in turnovers is the main reason why the Warriors lost, but if there is a team that can still squeak out a game like that, it’s the Warriors.

Coach Steve Kerr said it best.

“Our execution was really bad, a lot of that had to do with their defense,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said postgame, admitting the Celtics through them out of sync.

“Our execution hasn’t been good for a while,” Kerr said later. “Twenty-two turnovers tonight, 18 or 19 in Utah (the Warriors last game, which went to overtime), 20-something the game before that. We’ve been slipping the last couple weeks. I think people have seen that.”

That just about sums up the Warriors play over the last few games. Sloppy play almost cost them a loss to the Utah Jazz until they won that game in overtime. The Warriors did it to themselves last night with the amount of bad execution they had and now their chance at 73 wins may be in more jeopardy than it was before.

They have to now go 5-1 the rest of the way to beat the Bulls record. With games versus Portland and San Antonio, it will not be a small task but the Warriors are determined. If they win the next four, they can beat the record April 10th in San Antonio. That will be a very fun game to watch.

On the other side, we have to give credit to the Celtics. Isaiah Thomas and Evan Turner both stepped it up for their squad. Thomas lead the way with 22 points. Credit has to go to Coach Brad Stevens who perfected the match-ups against the Warriors which may have ultimately lead to the win.


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