Report: Kevin Garnett creating series on financial advisors, frauds in sports

Kevin Garnett

Earlier this month, news swirled that future NBA Hall of Famer, Kevin Garnett is suing Kentucky-based accountant Michael Wertheim and his firm after documents alleged that the accountant helped a wealth manager steal $77 million.

Well apparently, Garnett is creating some intellectual property to ensure things like this never happen to him or other athletes again.

According to a report from The Hype Magazine’s Landon Buford, Garnett and former Celtics teammate, Jason Terry are working on a project with Netflix.

Per Buford: The project will help educate athletes about their finances to avoid being defrauded by their financial advisors.

The series has not been given a name and it is currently in development. It is surely topical after the trauma that Garnett faced earlier this month. Documentaries and books are growing trends of late.

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James’ Springhill production company launching Space Jam 2 and James’ former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate, J.R. Smith, along with his brother, Chris Smith released, “Hoop Smith’s,” a children’s book this summer.

An NBA Champion, 15-time NBA All-Star and 2004 league MVP, Kevin Garnett retired with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2016.

He’s currently a television analyst with Turner Sports.

Since retirement, Garnett has been vocal about the Timberwolves organization.  He recently praised Timberwolves All Star, Karl-Anthony Towns and called him “the future.”

“I see a lot of similarities in Karl to myself,” Garnett told me earlier this month.

“If I could ever be an inspiration and lead him into that, I’ve always wanted to be that. And the fact that he took heed and took some of the advice I gave him is more than honorable, so it’s dope.”

Garnett also believes that Derrick Rose is the starting point guard of the Minnesota Timberwolves. “Yeah, I would,” Garnett told me.

“You get older, but the knowledge don’t go anywhere. He’s more crafty now than ever in the pick-and-roll.  He’s able to get shots for guys and he’s able to knock shots down, so yeah, I would.”

An NBA champ and one-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award winner, Jason Terry made the third-most three-point field goals in NBA history and holds the distinction of being the only player in University of Arizona history to finish with 1,000 career points and 200 career steals.

At 41, Terry is still an NBA free agent after playing with the Milwaukee Bucks the last two seasons.

Dallas Mavericks beat writer, Eddie Sefko suggests that a Terry return to the Dallas Mavs is “always a possibility.”

After all, he has history with Mavs; he helped win them a championship in 2011. “I expect him to land somewhere this season,” Sefko told recently.  

“If perhaps in an assistant coach/player role for a team or coach that he’s had lots of connections with in the past.”


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