It’s Tough Times For A Sixers Fan


This stat says it all. The Sixers are the only team in franchise history to start 0-12 three times. They have lost 22 straight games dating back to March 27 of last year. As a Sixers fan, this start was to be expected, as the team did the exact same thing last year starting 0-17.

Being a Sixers fan in the 1980’s and even into the early 1990’s means you got to see a lot of winning and championship success along with some of the best Sixers players in franchise history. That’s where this time of consistent losing and bad basketball play will eventually lead, or at least we hope it will.

Sam Hinkie was brought in during the 2013 season to help turn around this franchise from over ten plus years of mediocrity. He has since torn down the team into draft picks while using those draft picks to get players who could be potential franchise players. Nerlens Noel looks like he can be here for the long run as he brings a defensive presence that any team wants out of a big man. The offensive game is still in need of work, so that is why the Sixers used their 3rd overall pick of the 2015 NBA Draft on Jahlil Okafor. Okafor finally seems like that offensive presence that the Sixers have been lacking for the latter part of over three years now.

Early round draft picks are great and all, but they can still come back to haunt you. That is the case with Joel Embiid. The Sixers drafted Embiid in the 2014 NBA Draft and he has yet to see the floor due to multiple foot injuries.

With Embiid being out another full season this year, one has to wonder when this whole “trust the process” is going to come in full circle. The team the Sixers are putting out on the floor right now will not attract potential franchise stars. It will attract mid-level players looking for money they know they aren’t worth. Take Dion Waiters for example.

The best thing that can happen to this team is for Jahlil Okafor to become Rookie of the Year. It will give the team the best chance to sign a free agent who can take this team to a playoff run within the next few seasons.

It’s not too much to ask from Sam Hinkie. The New York Knicks were just as bad as the Sixers last season and have now given themselves a realistic chance at a playoff run in the weak Eastern Conference.

Mr. Hinkie, getting all of these draft picks are fun and all, but I want to eventually wear my Sixers gear in public without being ridiculed. Oh, and a chance at a playoff spot sometime soon would be nice too.


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