VIDEO: Russell Westbrook lights up Pelicans for 43 points, 8 assists


Fans were treated to an ESPN matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday night, and although Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis sat out nursing injuries to their hamstring and shoulder respectively, fans were still treated to a monstrous game by OKC’s Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook dropped 43 points, nine rebounds and eight assists in the 110-103 win over the Pelicans, often times hitting that “Russell Westbrook Exclusive” gear that every other point guard in the Association covets. Westbrook has been an animal this season, and if you don’t believe me these stats may convince you otherwise.

Westbrook’s performance sparked yet another “Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook” debate amongst basketball fans on Twitter, and the fact that Westbrook is being considered just as good as, or possibly even better than Curry with how lights out the Warriors guard has been is a testament to how great he is.

A few years ago people loved to critique Westbrook’s game, and often questioned if Oklahoma City would be better off without him. What I love most about Russ is that he took that criticism, tweaked his game and plugged up virtually every hole in it. Westbrook had always been a savage on the court, but now his malice is much more calculated. 



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