The Atlantic Files Episode 96: The Boston Celtics biggest question mark is a third string guard

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The final team of the Year in Review series is finally here! Mike Bash and Alex Fischbein wrap up the Atlantic Files Year in Review with the Boston Celtics. Joining the show this week is coach Brandon Mottola from Lecanto High School.

Looking back at the expectations of last season, the guys all had higher hopes and expectations for the team. Quite frankly, it was hard not to have high hopes for a team with Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving alongside a plethora of young talent. Once Hayward went down, expectations dipped as well.

The standouts from last season were quite obvious. Jaylen Brown made a big leap, Terry Rozier displayed some great skills when Irving went down, but of course all of the guys were thrilled with Jayson Tatum like the rest of the NBA world.

That takes us to the current offseason. None of the guys thought that Boston had to make any moves. They already reached the Eastern Conference Finals without their two best players, so the only thing to do was wait for those two to get healthy. Brandon made a good point about the predicament that the Celtics are in:

“I’m curious to see what happens with the third-string point guard. Will Shane Larkin be back in that role or will Brad Wanamaker be exactly what Brad Stevens needs? … It really says something that the biggest complaint I have is about the third-string point guard.

Now, the Boston Celtics are primed to make another run to the Conference Finals, and even the NBA Finals. Listen to the full episode to hear the guys predictions and full thoughts of last season!


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