The Brooklyn Nets could make a push for the eighth seed, says Dennis Clausen – The Atlantic Files Ep92

The Atlantic Files
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The annual “Year in Review” series is back yet again on the Atlantic Files! Alex and Mike are joined by Dennis Clausen(@den_clausen) of Rotoballer to talk about the past season that the Brooklyn Nets endured.

To start things off, the guys talk about the overall season that the Nets had and whether or not it matched up with everyone’s expectations of how the season should have gone. For the most part, everyone knew the kind of season the Nets were bound to have, so it didn’t make it all that difficult to keep expectations very low.

However, the name of the game for the Nets right now is to find the “diamond in the rough” type of player and collect assets. So, Mike, Alex, and Dennis give some insight into who they thought individually outperformed expectations and who did not. Jarrett Allen has looked very promising while some of the guys who did not, looking at you Timofey Mozgov, found their way out the door.

Finally, the trio looks at how Brooklyn has been doing throughout this offseason and they give a small look ahead to the next season.

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