The Atlantic Files Episode 94: Toronto Raptors could hit both extremes in one season

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The Atlantic Files Year in Review series continues with the neighbors to the north. Alex Fischbein and Mike Bash are back to give their thoughts on the Toronto Raptors last season, and how their offseason has shaped the team moving forward.

Mike and Alex both had higher end expectations for the Raptors last season. They returned almost the same team that got a top seed the year before, and while other teams did get better, the Raptors were primed to be just as good again with DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry at the helm. An offensive strategy change made them even more enticing as a darkhorse to come out of the East, but eventually, it all failed when they met LeBron James.

Now, after firing Dwayne Casey, they look to make a splash and go all in. Enter the trade for Kawhi Leonard and what Mike had to say about it:

“They’re in a weird spot. They were already in a good spot, they didn’t need to trade DeRozan, yes I think Kawhi Leonard makes them a better team, but it was a weird trade.”

If you need to hear Alex’s thoughts on the Kawhi situation, well check out his Friday Rant from a few weeks ago:

On top of that, Mike and Alex talk about the deep bench of the Raptors, and how the team may look with Kawhi on the floor. Also, who might be the player to make a big leap next season so that the Raptors may be catapulted into a real Finals contender.


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