The Atlantic Files Ep. 64

The Atlantic Files
Property of Basketball Society and Alex Fischbein

The new and improved version of the Atlantic Files is here. Well, the new and improved look anyway. Finally, the fall is approaching quicker, and the season will be here soon enough. Until then, we have some rule changes, ranks, and interesting stats to talk about.

Adam Silver and the owners across the league are going to talk about lottery reform yet again. Adrian Wojnarowski was the first to report that they will be trying to lessen the chances of the worst team to receive the top pick in the draft. Sounds crazy when you think about it, right? The worst team has a worse chance of getting better while the mediocre teams have a better chance?

Also, there has been plenty of talk about Carmelo Anthony’s rank in the NBA these days. Some of these rankings are straight out of left field while others are at least respectable. Ours, here at Basketball Society, is definitely the best though. However, we need to address the Carmelo situation in the episode below.

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