Dru Smith scores 16 points in Missouri’s win over Alabama

Dru Smith
Credit: Alex Fischbein / Basketball Society

Missouri had a fantastic first half against Alabama and took a commanding 44-28 lead. That half was led by the incredible play of Missouri Senior point guard, Dru Smith.

Alabama had a furious comeback and ultimately only lost by only three, but the team’s offensive burst in that 1st half, led by Dru, was enough for the team to hold on to beat a very good Alabama team.

Dru Smith finished with 16 points, 8 boards, and 4 assists in the contest and showed NBA scouts some flashes of his abilities. It wasn’t his best shooting game (7-19 FG), and there were a few errors in passing (6 turnovers), but his defensive IQ and touch certainly were on display today.

Here are some of the clips today of Dru Smith from Missouri’s win:

First, we’ll start with his floater that has such a soft touch. He utilizes it whether he’s driving left or right and can jump off either foot to convert it.

Dru finished with 8 rebounds and the one thing he loves to do is grab a rebound and push the pace in transition.

He’s a very intelligent player around the rim and is extremely patient. While there were a few errors late in the game with the ball, Dru Smith was constantly making big plays on both ends to get Missouri the win.


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