Caris LeVert a blessing in disguise | The Atlantic Files Ep173

Caris LeVert

By now, we’re sure that everyone has seen the news about Caris LeVert’s scary cancer situation. This trade that sent LeVert to Indiana could very well have saved his life!

Joining us this week to talk about everything cancer related is Deanna Bianchini. She works as a Physician Assistant in Oncology. For those who don’t know, oncology is the study of cancer. She came to give her expertise on the whole situation and how much of a blessing in disguise this trade truly could be.

Cancer is always a serious conversation. There are many cancer awareness campaigns and kidney cancer is not one of those that people often hear about. We had a great conversation with Ms. Bianchini about Caris LeVert, and everyone can learn a lot about kidney cancer and the complications that come with it!

Before we get to that conversation, we had to give an update on the state of the Atlantic Division. This is the Atlantic Files after all.

The Philadelphia 76ers are still handling business, while a couple of other teams are sinking. The race for the playoffs in the East is going to be very interesting and the race for the top four seeds between Philly, Brooklyn, Indiana, and Milwaukee.

All of that and more in the latest episode below!


1:00 – State of the Atlantic Division

6:10 – Conversation with Deanna Bianchini, PA-C on Caris LeVert’s cancer scare


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