Will RJ Barrett become an All-Star? | The Atlantic Files ep172

RJ Barrett

Your eyes are not deceiving you. The New York Knicks are still at .500 right now and they are actually in the playoff race for the Eastern Conference. On top of that, they are the number one ranked defense in the entire league!

We have to tip our caps to Coach Tom Thibodeau on getting this Knicks team to where they are so far. We also have to give props to both RJ Barrett and Julius Randle. Two guys who have been doing the brunt of the work to get them here in the first place.

RJ Barrett had some doubts going into this season. His shooting percentages were super low and the Knicks were hoping he was going to be their big superstar one day. Over the last five games of this season, he has looked like he would deliver on that hope, however, the rest of his career so far might say otherwise.

Then, in Toronto(or Tampa Bay), we have an interesting story brewing with the Raptors. Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet aren’t exactly delivering everything they need to make the Raptors a playoff contender. They’ve been at the bottom of the East this whole time and don’t look like they’ll climb out very far if their play continues this way.

All of that and more on the latest episode below!


1:10 – New York Knicks and Will RJ Barrett be an All-Star

9:42 – Are Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet actually Toronto’s future?

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