PrepHoops NC Class of 2020 No. 2 Player Jalen Cone is Turning Heads

Jalen Cone

Class of 2020 5’11” 155lbs Point Guard Jalen Cone is already turning heads in the recruiting world. The Kernersville, North Carolina product who plays his AAU with Team Loaded NC is a do-it-all point guard already. He already is a great penetrator who uses his passing ability and court vision to set his teammates up. He also gets to the rim to create for himself well showing off his athleticism, don’t be surprised if he throws down a dunk in the lane when he gets a step on you with his 41 inch vertical.

Jalen possesses the ability to score from mid-range and from the three point line as well. He does a great job with his ball-handling and footwork to create separation to get his shot off. The thing that I’m impressed with the most about Jalen is his worth ethic. This kid really gets after it behind the scenes to develop his skills properly. His father really seems to have him on course with his workout regimen. It seems like his father has also produced a well grounded young man.

Prep Hoops NC has Jalen ranked the number two player in the Class of 2020. The only player he trails who is ranked 18th nationally for the Class of 202o by ESPN. With all the attention Jalen is already receiving, I still believe the only way is up for this up and coming star. I had the pleasure to catch up with Jalen.

What schools do you hold offers from at this moment?

Jalen: Hampton, Virginia Tech, UNC-Greensboro, and High Point.

What schools are showing at least medium interest that hasn’t offered yet?

Jalen: Clemson, UCONN, Georgia Tech, and Kentucky.

What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses on the court?

Jalen: My strengths are everything. I co do anything to help my team win and I’m very coachable. I don’t have any weaknesses. The only weakness I would consider it myself. I’m the only person standing in front of me stopping myself from doing this on the court or off the court.

What do you do differently than anyone else on the court?

Jalen: I outwork everyone. No is going to be more determined than me to get this next bucket for my team or this next stop on the defensive end.

Is there any particular style of basketball you like to play?

Jalen: I can play any style of basketball my coach or team needs me to play to help us get wins.

How was your Summer playing with Team Loaded NC?

Jalen: Summer was good. Had a pretty successful summer as a team and as an individual. Averaging 22 points and 7 assists on the 15U Adidas Circuit opened a lot of eyes, but still didn’t cut it to make ESPN Top 25. Overall, I would say this past Summer has made me even more hung and more of a workaholic than I already was.

Who was your toughest one-on-one matchup this Summer and why?

Jalen: Toughest one-on-one matchup had to be NJ Playaz PG and also their shooting guard. Even if you were eating them up they wouldn’t back down and make sure you had to kill them the whole game.

What was your first thought when PrepHoops NC ranked you #2 in the state for the Class of 2o2o just behind Jaden Springer?

Jalen: My first thought was let’s get in the gym because I want that number one spot.

Do you feel any pressure being the #1 Point Guard and #2 overall for the Class of 2020 in North Carolina?

Jalen: Being the #1 Point Guard in the state and holding a national spot, I feel no pressure. I say this because I know no one works as hard or harder than me, so it gives me that confidence that I should kill everyone I come up against even with the hype behind my name.

What are your goals for your sophomore year?

Jalen: My goals are to crack the ESPN Top 25, receive 10 or more high major Division 1 offers, and win as many championships as possible.

What player do you compare yourself to?

Jalen: I try not to compare myself to anyone and focus on being the best Jalen Cone I can possibly be.


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