Senior Send-Off: Cliff Omoruyi looking to boost Rutgers defense

Cliff Omoruyi
(Credit: Alex Fischbein/Basketball Society)

Welcome to Senior Send-Off! This is a series where we highlight the seniors that we covered or watched extensively throughout their senior season. Check out our Instagram to see the graphics and phone backgrounds made for each player. Previous Senior Send-Off pieces are here.

What does he bring?

(By Founder Martin Soaries)

An inside presence is still of high value in today’s game, especially when it’s someone like Cliff Omoruyi who is aggressively intent on finishing at the rim and protecting it on the defensive end. One of the nation’s great shot blockers, Omoruyi is the epitome of an anchor. Offensively he’s committed to developing his inside touch, but physically he should be able to reach spots almost at will right away. A huge body and asset for the Scarlet Knights as they continue to earn more respect in the Big Ten.

Cliff Omoruyi
Cliff Omoruyi is joining the Scarlet Knights (Photo & edit: Tim Lang / Basketball Society)

What can we expect from Rutgers?

(by Lead College Writer Aram Cannuscio)

Rutgers is back! After winning 20 games last year and returning to their former glory for the first time in what seems like a very long time, the Scarlet Knights are equipped for another big season next year. Geo Baker and Ron Harper Jr. are returning to help lead the scoring punch while the uber impressive Myles Johnson is back to hold things down in the paint. They are already used to playing unselfish ball so the good group of freshmen coming will not cause any issues. This team is ready to roll once again and will be one of the more feared Big Ten teams this upcoming season.


Cliff Omoruyi is going to become the new anchor to an already great defensive unit in Rutgers. His size is the greatest immediate asset especially with a team that has some very good guards and wings. Once getting accustomed to the speed and physicality of the next level, Cliff is going to really be able to spread his wings. His offense is growing and his defense will always be a carrying factor to help the team as he grows in all other aspects. Look for him to be a leading shot blocker and rebounder in the Big Ten.


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