Xavier Silas’ coaching journey | The Atlantic Files Ep175

Xavier Silas

Anyone who’s been watching basketball for the last decade has heard the name Xavier Silas. Whether it’s college basketball, NBA, professionally overseas, the Big 3, or even The Basketball Tournament, Xavier Silas’ name has come up. If you haven’t heard the name, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Silas had a long playing career that took him to many places all over the world. Even played in the G League where he got the chance to play for Team USA too.

Now that he’s only making playing appearances in The Basketball Tournament over the summer, he’s shifted his attention to coaching and running AAU or high school programs.

An AAU program is where it all started. After developing the program based out of Colorado, he then went through a coaching program with the NBA and landed a job as an assistant coach for the Delaware Blue Coats of the G League.

Last season, the Blue Coats had one of the best defenses in the league while still showcasing a high-powered offense. Silas had a big hand in this as he was helping with both sides of the ball at different parts of the season. Fast forward to this season that just started in the Disney bubble, and the Blue Coats are playing at one of the fastest paces in the G League while also placing in the top five in assist percentage, assists, points scored, and turnovers on both sides of the ball.

They’re now the only undefeated team left after the G League Ignite team fell on Wednesday night.

Xavier Silas credits a lot of people for the inspiration to coach and the guidance to get him where he is. Everyone from people he’s played with, against, for, and coached with.

Now, he continues to make his own stepping stones towards a head coaching gig. The G League coaching job helps with the X’s and O’s, but the creation of the Colorado Prep school gives him all the surrounding experience that a college coach would experience.

Hear about all of this and more in the latest episode below!


0:00 – Intro and Atlantic Division standings update

3:25 – Interview with Xavier Silas

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