Stephen Curry Basketball Training

Basketball is more than personal training

It seems that basketball training has become a hot commodity over the last couple of years. While it’s something that’s not new, sharing and displaying workouts via social media has been the new thing. We’ve seen trainers get very innovative making players perform new moves to try and expand their game. Some of it I

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Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James

Would Kawhi Leonard put the Cavaliers over Golden State?

We’re only ten days removed from the NBA Finals and free agency is already in a frenzy. Word spread that Kawhi Leonard wanted out of San Antonio with aims at Los Angeles and that just got the ball rolling. All of the trade scenarios and where he could possibly end up has been the talk

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Draymond Green Basketball

The Defensive Short: Basketball IQ

Basketball IQ and awareness are two things that aren’t discussed enough. They go a long way and can truly distinguish the difference between a good and a great player. I often stress the little things when discussing basketball because I truly believe that the little things are game changers. Diving for loose balls, communicating on

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Stephen Curry

Could this be Stephen Curry’s year for Finals MVP?

The rise of Stephen Curry has been something to watch over the past few years. With two championships and the possibility of winning his third, the one strife against his career in some eyes is the lack of winning a Finals MVP award. With the way he’s played in the playoffs and his performances in

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Golden State Warriors

Why Golden State must send a message in Game 1

There’s never been a time that I remember where the NBA Finals has been so lopsided. The last time I remember it being this bad was in 2004 with Karl Malone and Gary Payton joining the Los Angeles Lakers. With that being said, this is murky waters for the Golden State Warriors which is why

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Washington Wizards

The Golden State Warriors are facing their first true test of adversity

The Golden State Warriors are facing adversity for the first time in a while. With Kevin Durant joining the Warriors, the expectations for this team skyrocketed. Adding a bonafide scorer to a 73-win team blew those expectations through the roof. Even after they moonwalked through the playoffs last year, everyone wrote this team in the NBA

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Kevin Durant

Golden State can’t fall victim to the Kevin Durant show

We saw two different teams in the first two games of the Western Conference Finals but the one consistent theme was Kevin Durant. There was no stopping the guy as he was a walking bucket getting whatever he wanted on the floor. With that being said, Durant’s greatness came in the absence of the others. The

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Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony as the sixth-man could be the best situation for him

This season for the Oklahoma City Thunder was an obvious letdown. They added two pieces in Paul George and Carmelo Anthony in hopes of a championship run but they fell short. They only saw a one win improvement from the previous season and they also suffered a first-round loss to the Utah Jazz. However, the

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Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo is already thinking about getting better

Victor Oladipo is not satisfied. Coming off of a Game 7 loss, his mindset is already on taking his next step up. Most people would be worried about vacation and taking some time off but Oladipo is all about getting back to work. Oladipo took the game by storm this season, elevating his game and

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LeBron James

What will we see from LeBron James today?

What will we see from LeBron James in a first-round elimination game? An aggressive yet expressive one I would assume, especially after coming off of a bad Game 6 loss. James isn’t one who’s accustomed to taking first round exits in the playoffs. It hasn’t happened yet and he should do whatever it takes to

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