Stephen Curry announces Underrated Tour for high schoolers of three-stars and under

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is one of the best players that we have in the NBA today.

Curry is a three-time champion, two-time MVP, probably the best shooter of all-time… we could go on for days with the accolades, but it wasn’t always this way.

He started off underrated and overlooked and he worked hard to be where he is today.

Curry relates to those who are in that same situation and now he’s looking to provide them with an opportunity.

In a Player’s Tribune article titled, Underrated, Curry announced a collaboration with Rakuten to begin a basketball camp for the “underrated” high school kids out there with a rating of three stars or less.

“And so that’s the idea behind The Underrated Tour: to create a basketball camp, in partnership with Rakuten, for any unsigned high school players rated three stars and below. A camp for kids who love to hoop, and are looking for the chance to show scouts that their perceived weaknesses might actually be their secret strengths.”

This is super dope, but also beneficial for those kids with hopes and dreams of continuing their basketball careers who don’t get as much exposure.

In the article, Curry transcribes about how he was that kid that didn’t get the accessibility to attend big-named camps.

He wasn’t a four or five-star recruit in high school and didn’t get any offers from any big-named schools.

Even as he entered the NBA, he still had plenty of doubters.

Stephen Curry
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

However, he made the most of his situation through hard work and consistency.

Today, we see where that effort got him.

There are plenty of kids out there with talent that goes unseen. High school basketball, as well as AAU, is becoming increasingly popularized, however, we’re seeing the same names in every event.

Because these kids aren’t getting that visibility from scouts or invites to big-named camps they believe they’re not good enough.

That right there is a dream killer.

For Curry to begin the Underrated Tour is dope on many levels. Now it’s up to the kids to put on a show and put their skills on display. But it’s more important for them to understand that everybody’s process will not be the same but the key is working hard and not giving up until they reach that goal.


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