Higher efficiency and more space from Stephen Curry is a problem for the NBA

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is the last player that the NBA wants to see get better. One of the best players on the best team in the league only means that if he gets better, they get better as a collective. Not to mention, he plays alongside Kevin Durant who’s a problem in his own right. Three championships in the last four seasons, back to back Most Valuable Player awards in which one was unanimous; imagine a world where this guy gets better.

That’s a scary sight for the league if you ask me. Curry has every intention of improving his game. Coming into this season, similar to every NBA player, he looked at how he could get better (via MSN):

“I might be delusional but I feel like I can get better at putting the ball in the basket.”

“As I get older, the more efficient you can be with how you get your shots, how you create space, knowing where to be defensively, you prolong your career at your peak.”

That’s chilling when a guy of his offensive caliber is looking to get even better on that side of the ball. Curry’s superb scoring ability has been on display for the past four years. He’s become the best shooter that the NBA has ever seen but he has also shown that he’s more than just a shooter.

The high octane, free-flowing offense that the Warriors have perfected has been Curry’s master dojo. He’s shown how he has mastered every intricacy in that offense. While others are showing how they can get their shots off in isolation situations, Curry is showing you how he can create space off screens and pick and rolls to get his buckets.

What’s frightening is even in that aspect, he’s looking to get better and smarter. Not to mention, he also believes that this offseason was his best yet (via Mercury News)!

“It’s probably one of the best summers I had in terms of my prep work going into a year,” Curry said. “I’m excited with what that will mean on the court.”

For a guy who already gets a lot of space and leads the league in open shots shockingly, Curry isn’t worried about the numbers. It’s more about how he’s attaining those numbers. Looking at everything he said in regards to looking to improve and coming off his best offseason when you see his performance in the season opener, it all makes sense.

This is the mindset of an assassin and a competitor. The people who are the most dominant in their craft are always looking for ways to get better. Curry is in that same boat. For a guy who’s already efficient and scores the ball well to be looking to improve in those areas says something. The rest of the NBA should be on high notice of what’s to come from the two-time MVP.  A better, more improved Curry is a nightmare for the rest of the league.


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