Stephen Curry is fully aware of his influence on the game

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry has become one of the most popular players in the NBA over these past three years. His immense talent and work ethic is surely the reason why. Being something that the NBA has never seen before has put all eyes on his game. Superb ball-handling and immaculate shooting from almost half-court is a combination that we’ve never seen before. His game is one to love and it’s been something that NBA fans all over the world have gravitated towards. With so much relativity on and off the court, Stephen Curry is fully aware of the influence that he possesses (via Complex).

“…But I think most of it is because the way I play is something that most people can try to emulate. I’m not a high-flyer going above the rim or anything. For the average basketball player, no matter what level you are or what age you are, everybody loves to shoot, and they love to shoot from way out. I’m pretty sure that has a little bit to do with it. How much fun I have on the court when I’m playing is some of it too. I like to play the game with a smile and that’s genuinely how much I appreciate the game.”

Curry is 100% correct in his assessment. His style of play and how much fun he has glues your eyes to the TV. As a fan of the game, he’s one of the most enjoyable players to watch in the NBA. For those of us who like to play as well, we feel that influence when we take the court. Watching Stephen Curry play, you find yourself taking deeper shots on the court. You try the double behind-the-back pull-up from 30 feet out to see if you got it like Curry does. It’s fun to watch and it’s fun to do.

However, the Curry influence is a gift and a curse. It’s a curse due to the influence on the little kids out there trying to become better basketball players. They see number 30 take deep threes and try to do the same thing in the gym. Not realizing how much perfection it takes in his mechanics and how much work he puts into it.

To be able to shoot like Stephen Curry does from that deep, it took practice to perfect the mid-range shot and gradually move out from there. Everybody wants the instant gratification without putting in the work and that applies here. The kids watch Steph and they try to do what he does, without putting the work in and perfecting their inside game first. It’s not his fault because he’s just playing his game. However, it’s important that the kids who are trying to emulate his game understand how much hard work went into it.


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