LeBron gives son Bryce a special lesson on impacting the game

LeBron James

LeBron James is multi-faceted. The man holds many titles. There’s James the player, the leader, the MVP, the champion, the actor, the activist, the coach, and last but not least the father.

Today we got to witness James the father as he shared a special moment between him and his son Bryce James, a moment shared by LeBron himself.

This is such a great moment as James gives his son Bryce words of encouragement but also gives a teaching moment following a tough game. What makes this moment even greater is the knowledge that he provides.

What most kids care about is scoring especially at a young age. The perspective of basketball is that it’s all about putting the ball in the basket and the players that can do it the best are who we look at as the “greatest”. That’s how the sport is advertised so you can’t blame the kids but it’s up to the teachers and the coaches to show them otherwise.

When young James was struggling to score, he began to get discouraged and down on himself and his father spotted that. James noted all of the positive things that his son did that helped his team win just to show him how important he was and that the game is not all about scoring. All of the little things like getting rebounds and making crucial assists are just as important as scoring and they all contribute to winning.

King James has always been known for his all-around game and his leadership. He’s been very adamant on not being labeled just a scorer because he cares so much about getting others involved. You can see here that he’s looking to teach his sons about looking at the game from that same perspective.

Basketball is not all about scoring but more about doing whatever you can to help your team win. If we can get more coaches out there to teach the youth this same sentiment then the future of basketball will be very bright.


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