Osasumwen Osaghae Scouting Report

Osasumwhen Osaghae
Photo Credit: FIU Athletics

The NCAA leading shot blocker from this season resided at FIU and the Miami native, Osasumwen Osaghae has officially declared for the NBA Draft and now it is time to preview what you can expect from the C-USA Defensive Player of the Year.


School: Florida International

Year: Senior

Height/Weight: 6’10” 250 lbs.



I think we all know where we should start, it is with the lockdown defensive potential the Senior Osaghae possesses that has most NBA scouts intrigued. He quickly gets off the floor and averaged nearly four blocks a game. After a loss against UNC Wilmington in late November, Osasu went on a tear for ten games, averaging 4.4 blocks a game. He had an eight block game against Stetson and was extremely dominant.

A lot of shot blockers coming out of college depend on their athleticism, yet this is not the case for the Miami native. He is light on his feet, but he also has a good eye for the ball as he rarely exerts more energy than needed. Osasu plays the game with a different type of drive and motor, so he has to make sure he contains his composure.

His rebounding ability is something else you cannot teach, averaging eight rebounds a game including seven games with 11 or more. His wingspan helps him on the glass and as a defender. Osasu is a unique player that understands how to use his size to put his opponents at a disadvantage especially in the paint. He has soft hands and he catches lobs and stays composed even if a pass is tipped.

He is a solid free throw shooter as Osaghae improved from the line greatly from his freshman season (50%) to his senior season (70%). He was third in the country in field goal percentage in this cancelled season (67%).


Osasu has the potential to become a solid player on both ends of the court, but there are some weaknesses. Although he has soft hands, he can occasionally overthink a situation and turn the ball over. The turnovers are still under two a game and instinctively as he continues to play I do not see this being a problem at the next level.

The next step in progression for the big man will definitely be improving his three point shooting. Only making a third of his attempts, at the next level the more opportunities he can use to stretch the floor, the better his results will be as his shot improves.

He has to become a better ball handler at the next level if he wants to establish his footing in the Association. He will be a force on the defensive end, however he must take progressive steps to improve his offensive arsenal so that he is not only an advantage inside the paint.

Future Outlook:

Osasaumwen has an opportunity to become one of the biggest steals in the draft. With it being a draft process unlike we have ever seen there will be multiple teams that call about the C-USA defensive player of the year having not seen as much of him. He will become a better three point shooter, he has  a certain level of work ethic you can’t teach. His story helps you understand why he is so driven.

He will have a chance to attempt to make an NBA roster if he isn’t drafted. He seems like a good fit for a Miami, Golden State, or even Minnesota. The opportunities will be available, whoever brings him in will also be thankful.


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