Where was the heart and pride of the Chicago Bulls against the Warriors?

Klay Thompson vs Chicago Bulls

History was made on Monday night with Klay Thompson breaking the single game three-point record as he hit 14 threes. The record was previously held by his teammate, Stephen Curry who was very influential in his backcourt partner breaking his record.

Thompson ended the night with 52 points in just 29 minutes. A lot has been made about his performance which was outstanding however my focus has been on the performance of the Chicago Bulls or lack thereof.

Where was their heart? Where was their pride?

I understand the firepower of the Golden State Warriors is out of this world. Kevin Durant and Curry are a handful within themselves but when Thompson gets it going, there’s not much you can do. Too much attention can’t be thrown at a single player because of the amount of talent that is dispersed throughout their group. However, you still have to compete!

The Warriors had 92 points in the first half which included 10 threes from Thompson. It was obvious during the first few minutes of the game that he was feeling it and the Bulls did nothing to combat that. The number of threes that Thompson got off on pin downs was absurd. What made it worst was watching the defenders trying to jump the pass every time, just to come up short and leave Thompson room for another three.

When the third quarter came around, the Warriors were obviously chasing history. They looked to find Thompson on almost every possession and astonishingly, he was still able to get shots off and ultimately break the record. He was able to accomplish this feat in three quarters in which, he came out for good with four minutes left in the third.

At some point, when does someone have a heart and say, “okay, enough is enough this guy isn’t getting the ball anymore”?

It was obvious what the defending champs were doing. It was a game to them but a complete embarrassment to the Bulls. I didn’t see a coaching change or a different defensive scheme or any type of alteration to what they were doing. They were still playing single coverage, gambling on screens, and giving Thompson room to get shots off. Once he hit about five threes in the first half, there should’ve been a defender shadowing him 24/7 not giving him an inch of breathing room.

The Warriors were literally toying with the Bulls and they did nothing to combat it. It was quite the embarrassment if you ask me. If you see a team hunting to get one guy shots, you would think that the defense wouldn’t let him get the ball but this wasn’t the case on Monday night.


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