‘Warriors are bad for the league’ narrative is false

Golden State Warriors

The day Kevin Durant announced he would be signing with the Golden State Warriors, the world went crazy. We heard how it wasn’t fair, how he lacked competition, and even how this would ruin the NBA. While those are just opinions, that narrative is highly false.

A top two player joining a 73-9 team only helped the NBA. For one, a dominant force was formed. One of the best scorers and shooters in the game took his talents to the best offensive team in the league. Does that not scream high ratings?

Also, who would’ve known that Kevin Durant would have such a huge impact on defense? When the Warriors lost Andrew Bogut, many believed their defense would drop off immensely but that hasn’t been the case. Durant came in and became a problem in the paint swatting and altering everything he possibly could. So with Kevin Durant dominating on both sides of the ball, the Golden State Warriors became, even more, fun to watch.

However, the NBA Playoffs came and things were easy. Golden State swept through the first three rounds which got everyone up in arms. Screams of “the league will regret this” and “this isn’t even entertaining” rang loud when in reality the league WILL thrive from this and IT IS very entertaining (unless you’re a Cleveland Cavalier fan).

For anyone to say the Golden State Warriors aren’t entertaining doesn’t really know basketball. To watch them operate on both sides of the ball the way they do is pure entertainment at its highest form. Offensively, you have superb ball movement, high IQ guys, and shooting at its highest form. Defensively, they’re everything you try to teach your kids starting in grade school. Great communication, understanding rotations, extreme versatility, and just pure hustle. If you really watch their defensive sets against the Cleveland Cavaliers and watch how they switched and hustled to close out on shooters, it’s golden (no pun attended).

The naysayers would say “well, it’s not competitive basketball” and to a degree they’re correct. But at times they have their issues and when you see how they figure it out, you get to witness great basketball. And even in the blowout wins, what’s so wrong with enjoying greatness? Some players and teams are just excellent at what they do and you have to appreciate that which brings me to my next point.

With greatness comes the haters and this is why the NBA will thrive. While people who love the great basketball and everything the Golden State Warriors bring to the table, there will still be a large group of people who will want to see them lose. They will have fans on both sides of the spectrum looking to see them win or lose which will bring the NBA everything they’re striving for. The entertainment factor is there whether people like it or not.

Floyd Mayweather is 41-0. His excellent defense keeps him from getting hit. Many viewers call his fights boring but you know what, they still buy it. People watch to view his insane boxing capabilities while others just watch to see him lose. The Golden State Warriors are in the same boat. They’re 14-0 and while they’re currently displaying basketball excellence, people are going to watch them because they either truly enjoy it or they just want to see them lose.


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