Stephen Curry

Higher efficiency and more space from Stephen Curry is a problem for the NBA

Stephen Curry is the last player that the NBA wants to see get better. One of the best players on the best team in the league only means that if he gets better, they get better as a collective. Not to mention, he plays alongside Kevin Durant who’s a problem in his own right. Three

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The top 10 NBA Fantasy players heading into the 2018-2019 season – part 1 No.10-6

The NBA season is set to begin next week on the 16th of October. That date will also mark the first day that fantasy basketball match-ups begin and line-ups will have to be set. As much fun as it is to watch the beautiful game of basketball for sheer enjoyment, fantasy sports allows us to

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Kevin Durant

Fans need to appreciate Kevin Durant

It has become the social norm to talk bad or discredit Kevin Durant. A lot of it stems from his decision to join the Golden State Warriors. Whether it’s fans, media, or ex-NBA players, a lot of negative rhetoric has been spewed Durant’s way. Regardless of how you feel about his decision or his social

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NBA Roundtable: Awards and season predictions

With the NBA season right around the corner, several of our writers gather for a roundtable discussion giving predictions on who will win the MVP, if the Celtics and Warriors are both the clear-cut No. 1 seeds in their respective conferences and more. Our participants for this edition are: Evan Anderson (@Jordainian21) DJ Allen (@DJAllen23)

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Ranking the 5 MVP candidates for the 2018-2019 NBA season

The NBA continues to grow with superstars leaguewide. With this heavy influx of elite level talent, it could be the deepest in terms of skill that has ever been in the league at one time. Whether it be from individual statistics, team success, or player popularity with all these players on this list, each is taken

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The Atlantic Files

The Atlantic Files Episode 100: Wait, 100 episodes?!

Looking Around the League Series Episodes: Central | Southeast | Southwest Subscribe to The Atlantic Files on Apple Podcasts | Subscribe to Basketball Society Episode 100 is actually here! Thank you to everyone who has supported and listened to the show thus far! This week, Alex and Mike take a look at the Pacific Division

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Lakers Lair: Episode 3 – Preseason Expectations

The Los Angeles Lakers content keeps coming. Only seven days away from the NBA picking up preseason action and only nine days until the Lakers hit the floor, the excitement and hype around the 2018-2019 season feel like no other. Also, after watching this you’ll see what Laker fans have to be excited about next

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Washington Wizards

How banking on Kevin Durant coming to D.C. hurt the Washington Wizards

For the first time in the John Wall–Bradley Beal era, the Washington Wizards were eliminated in the first-round of the playoffs, losing to the No. 1 seed Toronto Raptors in six games in the 2018 postseason. It was yet another dysfunctional season for the Wizards, as they continued their recent trend of playing well against the elite

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Why DeMarcus Cousins will dominate in the 2018-19 NBA season

Too often we expect newly acquired players to fully translate their contributions from their prior team to their new team. However, we should come to the realization that 30 points per game on one team, doesn’t mean 30 points per game on another. At least not for everyone. When it comes to DeMarcus Cousins, we

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Why Carmelo Anthony is still an elite NBA scorer

Is the art of the mid-range game dead? Are isolation players that can create their own shot no longer a commodity? Well, from recent memory we saw Kevin Durant put on an absolute clinic against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3 of the 2018 NBA Finals. He torched them even when his shots were heavily

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