Pump Fake to the Altar: Episode 14 – NBA Draft & Off Season Moves

In this episode of the Pump Fake to the Altar podcast, your hosts Felix John-Baptiste and DJ Allen briefly recap the NBA Finals. They visit everything from Kevin Durant’s haymaker to LeBron’s alleged broken hand. Would LeBron have been better off letting that information be known after Game 1? Should he have not said anything

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Splash Brothers

The “Splash Brothers” Proving Their Value During the Finals

The Oracle Arena erupted continuously as the Golden State Warriors stomped the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, giving the Warriors a 2-0 lead. From a red-hot offense to Stephen Curry swishing desperation shot-clock heaves 28 feet from the rim, the fans got their money’s worth. The bench turned into a different

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Stephen Curry

Could this be Stephen Curry’s year for Finals MVP?

The rise of Stephen Curry has been something to watch over the past few years. With two championships and the possibility of winning his third, the one strife against his career in some eyes is the lack of winning a Finals MVP award. With the way he’s played in the playoffs and his performances in

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Pump Fake to the Altar: Episode 13 – NBA Finals Drama

In this episode of Pump Fake to the Altar, your hosts Felix John-Baptiste and DJ Allen discuss all things NBA Finals. After 2 games, all seems to be well in The Bay. The Warriors snuck out of Game 1 with a victory, and Stephen Curry closed the deal in Game 2. Should the Warriors continue

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Golden State Warriors

Why Golden State must send a message in Game 1

There’s never been a time that I remember where the NBA Finals has been so lopsided. The last time I remember it being this bad was in 2004 with Karl Malone and Gary Payton joining the Los Angeles Lakers. With that being said, this is murky waters for the Golden State Warriors which is why

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Scoop B: Cavs & Warriors’ NBA Finals Pt. IV & 76ers ‘burner’ Twitter accounts

Cavaliers and Warriors, Wariors and Cavaliers…it feels like watching all of the Rocky Balboa movies all over again; except it’s basketball! Tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors play Game 1 of their fourth go aroung in the 2018 NBA Finals. I spoke with Christian Heimall on the Press Row Podcast and discussed the

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Golden State

2018 NBA Finals Roundtable: Warriors-Cavs Part 4

It’s part four of the Warriors/Cavs NBA Finals saga. Welcome to our roundtable. Participants: Antonio Losada – @chapulana Kyle Allan – @kallan441 Evan Anderson – @Jordanian21 Felix John-Baptiste – @twosmooth2 1. What’s the no. 1 thing you’ll be watching for in this edition of Cavs/Warriors? Antonio: Cleveland’s second unit–everybody but LeBron–performance,  because I want to know if

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The Golden State Warriors are facing their first true test of adversity

The Golden State Warriors are facing adversity for the first time in a while. With Kevin Durant joining the Warriors, the expectations for this team skyrocketed. Adding a bonafide scorer to a 73-win team blew those expectations through the roof. Even after they moonwalked through the playoffs last year, everyone wrote this team in the NBA

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Knowing History When You See It: A Guide To Today’s NBA

Look at your cell phone right now. Take it out of your pocket. In one device you can access the entire globe. You can manage your bank account, capture your child’s first steps, and tweet bad sports opinions all from one object. The cell phone is one of the wonders of human evolution and technology.

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Kevin Durant

Golden State can’t fall victim to the Kevin Durant show

We saw two different teams in the first two games of the Western Conference Finals but the one consistent theme was Kevin Durant. There was no stopping the guy as he was a walking bucket getting whatever he wanted on the floor. With that being said, Durant’s greatness came in the absence of the others. The

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