Kevin Durant

The Defensive Short: Keeping Kevin Durant at arm’s length

How do you defend a guy who is the size of a center, moves like a guard, and can score from anywhere on the floor? You can’t. But you have to do whatever it takes to make his life difficult. Kevin Durant is arguably the best scorer to ever play the game so there’s no

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Basketball Society’s ideal NBA match-ups

NBA fans love discussing hypotheticals. “What if this player played during this time?” or “What if this team played against that team?” It’s something that’s always fun to debate but we will never have an answer to. Just this past week, a hot topic came up with people discussing a matchup between Kevin Durant and

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Pound Dribble

Inside the Move: The Pound Dribble

The pound dribble is a move that we’re starting to see more and more in basketball today. It’s a move that can be used to initiate a change of direction or used to force a defender to fly past as the ball handler. Similar to the quick pull-up jumper, the pound dribble is effective because

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Kemba Walker

The pull-up jumper is deadly and Kemba Walker agrees

One of the lethal under the radar moves is the pull-up jumper. Yes, I said it, the pull-up jumper. But not just the basic pull-up jumper but more of a full speed, downhill stop on a dime jumper. It’s not talked about because it’s not eye candy. It doesn’t usually break ankles, it’s not fancy,

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Klay Thompson vs Chicago Bulls

Where was the heart and pride of the Chicago Bulls against the Warriors?

History was made on Monday night with Klay Thompson breaking the single game three-point record as he hit 14 threes. The record was previously held by his teammate, Stephen Curry who was very influential in his backcourt partner breaking his record. Steph Curry is one proud teammate tonight… — Basketball Society (@BBallSociety_) October 30,

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Stephen Curry

Higher efficiency and more space from Stephen Curry is a problem for the NBA

Stephen Curry is the last player that the NBA wants to see get better. One of the best players on the best team in the league only means that if he gets better, they get better as a collective. Not to mention, he plays alongside Kevin Durant who’s a problem in his own right. Three

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Kevin Durant

Fans need to appreciate Kevin Durant

It has become the social norm to talk bad or discredit Kevin Durant. A lot of it stems from his decision to join the Golden State Warriors. Whether it’s fans, media, or ex-NBA players, a lot of negative rhetoric has been spewed Durant’s way. Regardless of how you feel about his decision or his social

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LeBron James Lakers

Usage and minutes should be a key focus for James and the Lakers

The new season is right around the corner and all of the new look teams are about to be introduced. The team on everyone’s radar is the Los Angeles Lakers who added LeBron James to their roster. Despite their youth, there are a lot of expectations on this team and a lot of that his

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Carmelo Anthony basketball

Why is there a negative connotation on coming off the bench in basketball?

Being in the starting lineup was always a goal for every kid growing up. Players that started were always looked at as the best players on the team. In most instances, that is true however there are some times where that’s not the case. For some reason, there’s a negative connotation on coming off the

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Russell Westbrook basketball

Why do you play the game of basketball?

Why do you play the game of basketball? Everyone has their personal reasoning. For some, it’s just for fun. It could be just for cardio purposes. Maybe you do it for the attention. For some, it’s a means to get their families and themselves out of a toxic environment. For others, it’s purely for the

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