VIDEO: Vince Carter turns back the clock for poster jam on Rudy Gobert


Vince Carter threw one down on Rudy Gobert.

Vince Carter of the Memphis Grizzlies has made a living off of throwing down vicious jams on his opponents’ heads, and Utah Jazz big man Rudy Gobert became Carter’s latest victim on Monday night.

During the Jazz’s surprising 97-91 road win over the Grizzlies, Carter let loose for a nasty jam on Gobert, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Take a look at “Half-Man, Half-Amazing’s” impressive flush below:

At age 25, dunks like these were routine for the now 38-year-old Carter. In his prime, Carter soared and skied over seemingly everyone, and his ability to posterize anyone at any given moment made him must-see TV. 




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