VIDEO: Trevor Booker makes incredible circus shot


Buzzer-beating, over-the-head volleyball touch shot? Seems legit.

In the second quarter of Friday’s game between the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder, Jazz forward Trevor Booker made, what might be, the shot of the year. With 0.2 seconds on the shot clock, Booker ricocheted Gordon Hayward’s inbounds pass into the hoop with a reverse touch shot reminiscent of a Globetrotters game or backyard H-O-R-S-E duel.

Oh, and it was from 15 feet away.

The Jazz ended up losing the game, but Trevor Booker certainly achieved highlight reel immortality with his ridiculous split-second hoist.

Have a different nominee for shot of the year? Are you a trick shot aficionado? Let’s talk about it!


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