VIDEO: Rockets Outscore Clippers 40-15 in 4th Quarter to force Game 7


The Clippers thought they had Game 6 wrapped up going into the fourth quarter last night as they held a 89-70 lead with a minute left in the third quarter.

The wheels came flying off from there. Missed three-pointers, layups, and bad transition defense led to the debacle. The Rockets created the comeback without the help of James Harden as he was on the bench for most of the fourth quarter. This was a pure failure for the Clippers as so many players on that team were on their way to their first Western Conference Finals. Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan along with others on the Clippers haven’t made it past the second round.

Check out the comeback for yourself.

J.A. Adande said it best:

This Rockets team seems to never quit. They have players who have been the leader on their previous team, so it is no surprise that these players stepped up even without James Harden making a big impact in the fourth quarter.

Congratulations on the comeback by the Houston Rockets. Game 7 is going back to Houston on Sunday.


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